Jamie Grayson

I am Jamie Grayson and I am in 10th grade. This is my first year at BWL and I am the founder of the Earth Club. I was also accepted into the SC3, Leadership Congress in DC. I am passionate about the environment and have made some contributions to my old school. I helped build solar suitcases which were sent to Haiti and the Philippines. I also helped out with the Green Cup Challenge, which is a challenge that competes against other schools and the goal is to reduce the consumption of energy each year. I encouraged the boarding students at my old school to turn off lights they don't use, unplug devices, and turn off running water. My goal for this year and for my remaining time at BWL is to get more people to join the club and to spread more awareness throughout the school. I plan to do this by brining in speakers to engage the student body, building solar suitcases, tower gardens, and starting a recycling challenge. I thank Ms. Barbato for helping me start the club and Mr. Miller for finding Mr. Mount-Finette. This club was only possible due your contributions and efforts. Together we will save the world.

Dean Orgler Moran

Hi, I am Dean Moran a creative kid in the 7th grade trying to spread awareness about climate change and global warming. Hearing about what the world is becoming from the use of fracking and fossil fuels really scares me. I am very much against them for not only making the climate warm, but also affecting the people who live around them. You may have heard people explain how fracking can be done safely, but that is impossible. Just taking the oil from the ground can be hazardous to people and wildlife. I hope you all can see where I am coming from!

Lucie Batista

Hi, I am Lucie Batista and I would like to reduce the negative impact we make on the earth so that future generations can reach their fullest potential.

Charlie Dillon

I am Charlie Dillon, a student from BWL, I have loved the forest and ocean for my entire life, so in order to conserve nature's beauties I joined the Earth Club. I want to end the use of fossil fuels and help support clean energy. Also, I coded this website with the help of my friends Sebastien and Lucie. Check out my site here.

Sebastien BV

Hi, I am Sebastien BV, a student at the BWL school. I am inspired to help the planet by using the technology that we have here at BWL such as solar power and 3D printing. Check out my website here